PRS International Group of Companies is a destination for the best and brightest in our industry with a culture based on the values of openness, optimism and a commitment to extraordinary work. Public Relations as a work have made rapid innovation in the National and International arena. The major public sector and private organizations today have accepted the significance of Public Relations as a management function.

With the internet being the fastest carrier of information, word travels at lightning speed. World’s leading media conglomerate group, PRS International Group of Companies to launch the first US Press Conference booking portal on 25th July 2021. The web press conference has developed into an excellent means of attracting journalists to relevant press topics. The Corona crisis has fuelled this and has begun to develop something like a digital post-press-conference era. PRS International Group of Companies is a destination for the best and brightest in industry with a culture based on the values of openness, optimism and a commitment.

Our teams create intelligent content that builds brand profile and powers online visibility. We create open, honest and direct dialogue with our clients, providing assertive and strategic advice to position them for success in an increasingly competitive business environment. PRS International Group of Companies has deep local relationships and a network that extends well beyond Broadway. Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. We leverage our hundreds of contacts in the press to directly pitch your story to top reporters and editors. We innovate and experiment new techniques to offer global coverage to the clients, now coming to the US after the success in India and Malaysia.

S Vijay Kumar, Global CEO, PRS International Group of Companies said ”At PRS International Group of Companies, we have a twofold approach that includes: Protecting your reputation and promoting your reputation across online verticals. Virtual press conferences are a digital format that will prove their worth in the future not only in times of crisis. They are also destined to become an important means of media communication in established publishing houses against the background of economic constraints. The web press conference not only saves travel time, but also overall personnel resources on both sides in the company and with journalists. Another advantage is: With on-demand services, editors can also view them with a time delay and are independent of time in their daily work. PRS International Group of Companies is known for its modern approach, and responding to current issues. That is our basis for getting media interested in our clients. We also use a wide variety of online and offline monitoring tools.

Andy Gough, Vice President, PRS International Group of Companies said:“ The Press Conference portal will offer companies the convenience of online press conference bookings at rock bottom prices. We help our clients redefine industry through thoughtful storytelling and strategic media campaigns. ” Every communication strategy we develop tracks back to business objectives. Grounded by our journalistic roots, our communication strategies intersect proven PR methods and the shifting role of media relations in the digital ecosystem. Multi platform brand storytelling requires a strategic approach and creativity is key. Fortunately simplifying the complex into relevance is where we shine. Dealing effectively with reputation crisis and critical issues can have a lasting impact on an organizations future success and market value. We provide a complete package of crisis and issues management, helping organizations successfully prepare and respond to reputation risk. We are thinkers and doers with a proven can do attitude.